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Our mission

Our mission is to create innovative and fun play-to-earn, NFT and blockchain-based games that deliver tangible benefits to our holders and value our BCG token as a governance currency. We want to be a leader in creating compelling, competitive games that can compete with the big game companies in the Web3 era.
To achieve this mission, we commit to:
Create fun and challenging games that offer tangible rewards in the form of BCG tokens for players who put in the effort and demonstrate skill. Integrate our BCG token as a governance currency into our games, allowing players to participate in game governance and have a say in decision-making. Provide safe and easy ways for players to exchange their BCG tokens for other cryptocurrencies and participate in new blockchain-based games and activities. Be transparent and communicative with our community, listening to suggestions and feedback to continually improve our games and platforms. Invest in Web3 technologies to create innovative, interactive games that can compete with the big game companies. Provide an engaged and dedicated community to benefit both players and the BCG token, increasing demand and appreciation for the token. In short, our mission is to create play-to-earn, NFT and fun games to value our $BCG token.