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Objective Blockchain Games

The Blockchain Games company was created with the aim of acquiring the rights to the Mafagafo game and solving income problems found in the game and in its MAFACOIN currency. The company is based on web3 technology and aims to create the new $BCG token to eliminate backlogs and financial errors created with the $MAFA token, evolve the MAFAGAFO game by adjusting its economy, build sustainable and high-yield games and incubate new games for its launching pad. Blockchain Games uses blockchain technology to create a fair and transparent economy for players, giving them the ability to earn money through their $BCG token and playing MAFAGAFO GAME and its future games, as well as enabling players to participate in governance .
The company also plans to use governance tokens to give players the power to vote on important decisions related to the MAFAGAFO game. With its expertise in cryptography, web3 technology and gaming, Blockchain Games is committed to bringing innovation and revenue to players and holders.
$BCG will be sustainable
An efficient tokenonomy for a Play to Earn game using the $BCG token as a payment and receipt token makes the experience for players and holders more profitable. The $BCG governance token provides players and holders with a way to earn profit through web3 game mechanics such as rewards, revenue sharing and liquidity. Players can use the $BCG token to buy and sell items in-game, thereby increasing the token's liquidity. Holders can also participate in token earnings, market incentives and investment returns. These mechanics make the game more profitable for players and holders, while keeping the token economy efficient.

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