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Team and Remote Team

Our team is made up of an administrative and technical staff highly experienced in big business and in the development of Web3 technology with headquarters in Portugal and another in Dubai. You will be able to see the CEO, CFO and CTO constantly in our chats and in our community.
Blockchain has assembled a highly qualified team. Some who founded others in companies, scaled other segments and others who left Web3 projects to correct mistakes, in partnership with those who have deep knowledge in emerging technology and digital currencies spread across countries, shortened by technology and instant communication.
Culturally, we value flexibility and creativity in the workspace. For this reason, we all work remotely, full-time and in frequent communication. We believe that our workforce thrives on this freedom and produces even more creativity and inventiveness due to the lack of physical restrictions in their workflow. We are open to the community that wants to participate in this daily meeting and discussion. You can be one of us.